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Can AI Protect Us From Cybercrime Rises During Covid-19 Pandemic?

by Mohamedai2020
COVID-19 Cyber Security Risks

Dubai- AI Journalism
One area where AI can help people protect themselves and their businesses From Cybercrime is cyber security. Humanity is experiencing an unprecedented crisis with the coronavirus that is generating fear, uncertainty and a need to adapt to new behaviors such as self-isolation and working from home, accroding to Forbes report.

On a recent panel discussion with AI experts about the world after coronavirus from an AI perspective, Sophia explained that robots were created to help humans deal with big problems like the pandemic or climate change. The discussion took place on the SAP Purpose Network Live, a virtual platform set up to foster co-innovation and address some of the uncertainty and disruption caused by the novel coronavirus, particularly in the area of supply chain.

Robots and AI can work in hostile environments, protect endangered species, and enable energy efficiency, Protect Us From Cybercrime. They regularly assume dangerous or menial tasks to help or protect humans.

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