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Post-Coronavirus Technological World: The New Technologies and Solutions that Will Be Critical in Post-Coronavirus World

by Mohamed Nabil

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher

Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF)

20 April, 2020

Dubai- Artificial Intelligence Journalism / Humanity has faced many previous global epidemics and crises, whether it is a man-made or an evolution of the natural changes in the universe.

Even more, The impact of Coronavirus (Covid 19) will also pass, and in the near future, we and our kids will talk about a world Before Coronavirus and AC  Post-Coronavirus World.

The Effect of Corona is no less than World War II, where some nations will be defeated, some will collapse, and yet others will rise and grow.

We can see new economic and political forces popping-up.

The challenges of Coronavirus will be solved through technological leaps.

Consequently,  first time in decades, the world has to cooperate against one enemy; where everyone is scrambling; where we are forced to reduce the creation of vaccines from 10-year cycle to 18 months.

Therefore, we need to create new technologies for early detection for Corona.

Also, post-illness virtual care is becoming the norm; and where we need to limit Corona spread through track and trace apps.

In the current study, we will forecast the Post-Coronavirus (Covid 19) period.

What are new technology tools and solutions that Coronavirus will be able to create and adopt widely?

– What new systems will Coronavirus empower – whether it is health or social care, prevention, new ways of working, military and political systems?

Not all technologies will surge ahead.
So, Post-Coronavirus world will also have a major impact on the retreat or the delay of some promising new technologies, such as 5G networks.

While most of the technologies are not new.

They have existed before. The challenge has always been mass, global adoption of these technologies. The question is how to repurpose technologies, organisations and systems that serve to combat epidemics.

The Post-Coronavirus world will primarily enhance human service technology and solutions that support healthcare and social needs.
Away from the excessive luxury that started before Coronavirus world.

Above all, the Atlantic Council’s GeoTechCenter submitted a questionnaire to more than 100 technology experts to record their expectations about the impact of COVID-19 on innovation in five key fields:
Most noteworthy, the future of work, data and AI, trust and supply chains, space commercialization, and health and medicine.
  Certainly, the study has got some key findings.

Most respondents believe that the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate innovation significantly in four of the five fields, while having little impact on space tech innovation.

Respondents also believe that developed countries will be at the forefront of this innovation.

While in the Middle East, Latin and South America, and Africa, innovation will be mostly unaffected or slightly hampered.

Finally, Russia, an outlier, is expected to benefit only slightly.

In our current study, we will focus on five areas, which will make major changes in the Post-Coronavirus (Covid 19) period:



The exploratory and forecasting study has discussed five topics that will be directly influenced by new technologies:



Firsttopic is about the new solutions and technologies in healthcare, where Corona will push more investments in these technologies.



Second topic is about the Artificial Intelligence Journalism and Media Technology. And how is the world relied on several new tools for transferring content, expressing strongly the spread of the era of Artificial Intelligence Journalism and the using of new media technologies more widely, which the world will depend more on them, and which will witness great investments in the Post-Coronavirus world.



Third topic,While the study showed the new solutions in remote work, study and learning.  As millions of people are relying on technology to help them work and study remotely. so, number of people is increasingly working from home, where the new technologies and communication tools have proved pivotal to companies’ and governments’’ success



 Third Topic, the study has focused on the new solutions in politics and international relations in the fourth topic, and how could technological changes affect negatively in relations between countries. Also, how can technological progress change nation to lead the world in the Post-Coronavirus future?



Fifth topic showed how is the relations between giant tech companies will be changed in the Post-Coronavirus future. Before Coronavirus, competition has been increased between technology giants, to control a share of the international technology market, by providing the best services, tools and solutions.

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