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” Marketing Metaversers ” New Concept for Mohamed Abdulzaher in Media of Metaverse Studies

by Mohamedai2020
" Marketing Metaversers " New Concept for Mohamed Abdulzaher in Media of Metaverse Studies

Dubai- AIJRF/ By: Shaimaa Kazamel

“ Marketing Metaversers” :  a new concept has been recently coined by Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, the CEO of AIJRF and Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Journalism and Media of Metaverse.

“ Marketing Metaversers” refers to all marketing and advertising content makers, on all Metaverse spaces, whether they have individual spaces or they are managing spaces for companies, organizations or government entities, according to Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher.

Marketing Metaversers, also refers to all visual content creators, including:  graphic and images designers, and NFT makers in advertising and marketing.

The definition includes, as well, the marketing and advertising agencies that generate marketing content on Metaverse.

Marketing Metaversers comprise designers of artificial intelligence and Metaverse applications that are used in audience and consumer behaviours’ analysis, tracking, and in generating an automated marketing content.

" Marketing Metaversers "  New Concept for Mohamed Abdulzaher in Media of Metaverse Studies
Marketing Metaversers
New Concepts

 Dr. Abdulzaher has also coined  many other new concepts in media and artificial intelligence  such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence Journalism.
  • Robotization of Marketing.
  • Media of Metaverse 
  • Blockchained-News.
  • Covidization of Media Industry.
  • Intelligence-Integrated Public Relations.
  • Abdulzaher Artificial intelligence Journalism Model of Communication.
  • Artificial Intelligence Journalism and Professional Code of Ethics.
  • Dynamic Human Skills (DHS)

Furthermore, he has conceptualized and defined 7G Journalism, “a new era in developing, upgrading and restructuring of the media industry fully compatible with the techniques of the Fifth Industrial Revolution”.

In addition, Dr. Abdulzaher has developed Abdulzaher’s Artificial Intelligence Journalism Model of Communication, a theoretical framework which illustrates the new roles that AI technologies – including robots, blockchain, 3D printing and big data analysis technologies – play in the media communication process. Within this framework, all elements of the communication process perform a continuous, direct, circular and interactive role, either in the presence of humans or otherwise.


Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) is a Think Tank established in the United Arab Emirates in 2018, founded by  Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Journalism and Media of Metaverse and  a group of professors and researchers specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of Humans 2050, and the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions.

AIJRF Works on Three Main Pillars:

1- AIJRF provides Academic and scientific research, reports and educational curricula in Artificial Intelligence Journalism, Media of Metaverse, 7G Journalism, Robotization of Marketing and AI & Media.

2- AIJRF works to develop new tools, technologies, Apps and solutions in the content industry through artificial intelligence and Metaverse in the fields of: media, education, healthcare, and the Intelligence Government Services.

3- AIJRF Develops and upgrades the Dynamic Human Skills (DHS) of individuals, institutions, universities and governments in line with the requirements of the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions and the skills of the future and Media of Metaverse.

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