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Jeff Felice President of CertNexus Joins AIJRF Advisory Board

by Mohamedai2020
Jeff Felice President of CertNexus Joins AIJRF Advisory Board

Felice: UAE is Investing in Technologies and Talents to Further its Position as  Global Leader in Design the Future

Dubai- AIJRF

Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF), the UAE-based  leading global organization in the research, forecasting and shaping of the future of AI and the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolution, has announced the joining of Jeff Felice , the president of CertNexus, USA-based leading global certification body, to the AIJRF Advisory Board.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, pioneer of Artificial Intelligence Journalism and CEO of AIJRF said: “We are always looking for global expertise, and those with exceptional talents to be part of AIJRF Advisory Board. Today, we are honored to have Jeff Felice, to complete AIJRF and CertNexus strategic partnership. And with Jeff’s pioneering experiences in the field of training and international accreditation, we will open up new horizons for cooperation and work in several fields, to create new programs to upgrade academics’ and journalists’ skills in media and artificial intelligence technologies.”

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, the CEO of AIJRF.
Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, the CEO of AIJRF

Similar Missions

“It is a great honor for me and our organization, CertNexus, to participate as a member of the AIJRF Advisory board. AIJRF and CertNexus share similar missions to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they require for the most in-demand emerging tech jobs”, said Jeff Felice , the president of CertNexus .

Felice added: “To both teach and validate these competencies for UAE citizens, will enable employment in data-driven careers plus empower the nation to achieve its vision for decades to come. The UAE recognizes, values, and is investing in the technologies and its people to further its position as a global leader and a nation that will help transform the future.”

Jeff Felice President of CertNexus Joins AIJRF Advisory Board

AIJRF’s Advisory Board

AIJRF’s Advisory Board includes a number of global academic figures and influencers in the field of artificial intelligence, advanced technology, education and media, and members of global universities in the USA, UK, and MENA. AIJRF’s Advisory Board also has a number of figures who have won international prizes and a laureate of Nobel Peace Prize. 

Jeff Bio

Jeff Felice , he is the president of CertNexus, USA-based leading global certification body,

 with 25 years of experience within the training and certification industry, serving in general management and practice leadership roles, Jeff combines his passion for professional performance with technology to bring change within global organizations while improving the opportunities for individuals in emerging tech. Jeff also serves on a number of industry groups focused on skills development including the NIST NICE Working Group, Open Skills Network, Credential Engine Certification and Licensure Advisory Group, and IEEE Global Initiative Education Committee.

About CertNexus

USA based CertNexus is a leading global certification body with focus on vendor-neutral emerging technology certifications and micro- credentials for business, data, developer, IT, and security professionals.

CertNexus’ mission is to assist in closing the global emerging tech skills gap while providing individuals with a path towards establishing rewarding careers in Cybersecurity, Data Science, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning. CertNexus has elevated its brand by having a global presence which is reflected in candidates of their certifications coming from over 60 countries to date, representing broad cross sector representation with organizations such as Ahold Delhaize, Barclays, Canon, Cisco, Ingram, Intel, Kaspersky, Optum, Starbucks, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Verizon, Xerox, Zappos, PwC, SDAIA and the Dutch Central Government as well as within a number of prominent universities.


Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) think tank is a global leading organization in researching, forecasting, and shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence and human and the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revelations.

AIJRF works on three main pillars:

1- AIJRF provides Academic and scientific research, reports and educational curricula in Artificial Intelligence Journalism, 7G Journalism, Robotization of Marketing and AI & Media.

2- AIJRF works to develop new tools, technologies, Apps and solutions in the content industry through artificial intelligence in the fields of: media, education, healthcare, and the Intelligence Government Services.

3- AIJRF Develops and upgrades the Dynamic Human Skills (DHS) of individuals, institutions, universities and governments in line with the requirements of the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions and the skills of the future.

AIJRF manages and issues” Artificial Intelligence Journalism Journal (AIJJ), the first AI Journalism academic journal in both Arabic and English. Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF), manages and supervises the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum (AIJWF), the first global platform includes academics, media professionals and the specialists of artificial intelligence technologies, from educational institutions, universities, and the media.

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