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It’s inevitable, no more Phantasmagoria, all acquiesce to what’s yet to come…

by AIJ Varit
Washington D.C.(AIJRF)

The future has become the preoccupation of many scientists, astrologers and experts. Even politicians and economists, who are influential in changing the routine or pattern of human life, are accelerating this process by developing or inventing tools and programs that help move humanity to the next stages that we have long seen in cinematic works with an imaginary budget.

The future is no longer limited to science fiction; the imagination has become a reality faster than we expected. We are now familiar with calls to change our present behavior toward a more exciting future that will satisfy our dreams of a better tomorrow.

This topic is ubiquitous in our daily lives, as exemplified by social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, which provide various modern advanced content using new technologies and projecting the future.

People are also now frequently debating the merits and drawbacks of 3D printing, Metaverse, and the future in 2050, or where to locate the biggest virtual reality experience centers.

Albeit all the excitement, I believe one aspect is not sufficiently addressed; Which is how prepared are we to live in such a modern world?

The goal is not just to be physically or technologically prepared but to be mentally prepared for the challenges that come along with a future filled with positive innovations and radical changes to our way of life.

Consequently, a publicly open-source that caught my attention to writing this article was 2050. earth. A place where anyone can imagine the future and create their imaginary world in 2030, 2040 and 2050. To get a glimpse of what the Earth will look like in 2050, this platform can help.

Rabat visualization in 2050. (2050. earth)

2050. earth initiative provides users with a peek at the different possibilities that humans may face in the next 30 years and how to be prepared for them.

The site includes map circles representing locations where someone has left a forecast. If the circle is white, the predictions about the location are merely text; if the circle is yellow, the forecasts include drawings. The graphics were created by professional artists and designers from all around the world.

Significantly, this project is to educate, test and prepare the global community for the challenges that may lie ahead. The pros and cons consequences of the Fourth and the Fifth Industrial Revolutions on earth.

By hook or by crook, this platform, many other activists, researchers and scientists endeavor to join forces toward confronting the bittersweet imaginary future that 2050. earth depicts the horrific facts that the Anthropocene era brought upon the earth.

In this context, actions speak louder than words and it’s easier to find common ground for cooperation. If humans don’t want to become victims of what will happen and happening in the world around us, then all must act before it’s too late.

To perpetuate this scientific and cultural argument, one must acknowledge that the transformation is coming and palpable. It is up to humans; to keep living the beautiful dream that 2050. earth depicts, in the form of pictures and graphics, or, waking up to the painful truth that activists, researchers, scientists, even the Earth itself, have struggled to show off the next is no more Phantasmagoria.


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