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AIJWF announces the launch of “the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Federation” as a global platform for searching and forecasting AI journalism and how media can be restructured during the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Federation invites researchers, journalists and workers in media field to apply for membership in the Federation with the following conditions :

  1. The researcher or journalist (applicant for membership) should have previously published previous media content about AI journalism, Data journalism or New Media technology in his daily work or in research, academic or journalistic projects.

(The Federation management will ask for some of these contents later).

  1. The applicant must have at least five years of professional experience in the professional field.
  2. The applicant must submit a recommendation from his/her work, or former directors or professional institutions.
  3. The selection process is evaluated by a professional committee (membership committee) of 5 members (academics and journalists from high educational and media institutions).
  4. Only 10 eligible members are selected monthly to be members of the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Federation.
  5. Each applicant can complete the membership form through the following link:
  6. The Institution has the right to select annually 20 members to grant them the honorary membership, in accordance with the estimates of the Membership Committee, in honour for the scientific and professional role of those members.


What after the selection process:


Membership Benefits

  • The Institution prepares professional training courses and increases members’ skills periodically in cooperation with the greatest professional and international institutions (free of charges to members).
  • Each member has the right to publish professional reports or researches in both Arabic and English on the platforms of AI Journalism, or the platform of the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Federation, for fees paid by the institution.
  • Each member has the right to participate in a practical training or an external visit (to UAE or to European country once during the year); to learn the most modern Artificial Intelligence Journalism technologies’.
  • Distinguished members are selected to participate in international or local conferences as “the Federation representatives’ ”.
  • Participation of the members annually in the effectiveness of the “Federation” without any fees.
  • Distinguished members are selected of the Editorial Department of the scientific journal of” AIJ world Federation” and they have the right to publish scientific researches within every quarterly edition.


Terms and Conditions

  • Each member must sign a Confidentiality agreement and Non-circulation agreement of the AI Journalism for Research and Forecasting.
  • Each member must pay an annual subscription ($ 250).


To register, please fill in the following information:

Please pay the registration fee for the first time, with a one-year subscription with total $ 350, after obtaining an email from the Federation management with the final approval for the membership.

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