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Artificial Emotional Intelligence and Its Influence on Marketing

by Mohamed Nabil

If you don’t want to tell the world how you are feeling, the world will know it any way in the near future. Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) will sense your emotions and tell companies how to influence your buying decisions, according to the hindu business site.

About 87 per cent of marketing organisations have already started using some level of personalisation. By 2024, AI identification of emotions is expected to influence more than half of the online advertisements you see.

Research firm Gartner has said that Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI) is among the key technology trends that we will witness in the next three to five years. “Computer vision, which allows AI to identify and interpret physical environments, is one of the key technologies used for emotion recognition,” Daryl Plummer, a top Gartner executive, said.

By 2024, the World Health Organisation will identify online shopping as an addictive disorder, as millions abuse digital commerce and encounter financial stress.

Not far from now, the number of the disabled in workforce will be trebled. Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality would help reduce barriers to access, allowing people with disabilities grab opportunities that are hitherto considered impossible for them.

“People with disabilities constitute an untapped pool of critically skilled talent. Select restaurants are starting to pilot AI robotics technology that enables paralysed employees to control robotic waiters remotely.”

By 2025, about 50 per cent of people with a smartphone will not have a bank account as they might go for a mobile-accessible cryptocurrency account. “Major online marketplaces and social media platforms will start supporting cryptocurrency payments by the end of next year.

At least half the globe’s citizens who do not use a bank account will instead use these new mobile-enabled cryptocurrency account services offered by global digital platforms by 2025. This will open trading opportunities for buyers and sellers in growing economies like sub-Saharan Africa and Asia-Pacific.

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