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Apple & Google Work on Tracing Coronavirus Infected

by Mohamed Nabil

Dubai – AI Journalism
NHS tech experts ( Apple and Google ) are working on developing a mobile app that reveals if you’ve been near someone who has coronavirus , according to the Sun.

It will allow mobile phones to trace users who have come into contact with sufferers and alert them to get tested for the killer infection.
NHSX – the health services’s tech wing – is now working at “breakneck speed”with tech giants Apple and Google to face coronavirus , sources have reported.
“We believe this is important in helping the country to return to normality,” one Whitehall insider revealed.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock is now reportedly looking at ways to get people to install the app – as at least 60 per cent need to for it to work efficiently.
It’s already been revealed Apple and Google are teaming up to develop phones which will reveal if you have been within two metres of someone who has the virus.
The powerful pair – who operate 99 per cent of the world’s smartphones – plan to add new software to make it easier to track down people who may have been infected.
The ‘contact tracing’ will play a vital role in managing the deadly virus, according to health experts.
The system will work by emitting unique Bluetooth signals and then phones within around two metres can record information about their encounters.
Those who test positive for coronavirus can then opt to send an encrypted list of the phones they came near to onto Apple and Google.
The system will then trigger alerts to those who have potentially been exposed to the killer infection.
Medics would then need to confirm that a person has tested positive for COVID-19 before they can send on the data.

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