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Artificial Intelligence Journalism Participates in AI, ML and Big Data Analytics Summit

by Mohamed Nabil

Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) will participate in “AI, ML and Big Data Analytics” summit that will be held in February 26-27, 2020 in Dubai UAE, it will participate in the summit with two researchers.

AIJRF will be part of the intentional event in Dubai, to present the results of last study and shows the unique services, that AIJRF is providing.

Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, the Egyptian academic and media expert will be one of the speakers at the summit. Abdulzaher coined the term “Artificial Intelligence Journalism”. Abdulzaher is the head of the Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting.

Abdulzaher will present, in the “AI, ML and Big Data Analytics” summit, his new study (Exploratory Research) about the Artificial Intelligence Journalism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in media.

What is the awareness, adoption and dependence on Artificial Intelligence Journalism technologies, in searching, creating, editing, and reporting news, by a sample of journalists in international media?”

The study targets deliberate samples of journalists and media representatives in some media such as: BBC News (English and Arabic), Reuters (English and Arabic), CNN (Arabic and English), Bloomberg, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and some Arabic media in the Arab Region.

This year’s Annual summit conference highlights the theme, “AI – The Next Evolutionary Step in Digital Transformation” which reflects the ground-breaking progress in Artificial Intelligence research. The two days conference includes oral presentations, poster presentations, workshops, symposiums and special keynote sessions conducted by eminent and renowned speakers who excel in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Larix International, the summit organizer is a group of prestigious publishers and global scientific conference organizers. Larix is an independent, self-governing organization propagates and promotes multi-disciplinary research on various fields of science, they are a non- profit organization, wholly owned by substantial and influential worldwide scientists.

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