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What are the 7 Biggest Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2022?

by AIJ Varit
Dubai- Artificial Intelligence Journalism

Many see 2022 as an extraordinary year for Artificial Intelligence Trends, as it is likely to become the most transformative technology ever developed by mankind. soon, its impact would be greater than that of fire or electricity, because it is already being used to help us tackle climate change, explore space, develop treatments for cancer,etc. while it is very difficult to visualize the full scope of influence that gives machines the ability to make quick and accurate decisions, we can be sure that the breakthroughs and new developments in 2022 will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Here are the main Artificial Intelligence trends which will occur in 2022 according to Forbes:

The augmented workforce.

As companies navigate the process of creating data and AI-literate cultures within their teams, we will increasingly find ourselves working with or alongside smart machines which boost efficiently our own abilities and skills.

Bigger & better language modeling with Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI is working on a successor GPT-4, some estimate that it may contain up to 100 trillion parameters. Consequently , AI are taking a big step closer to create language and hold conversations that are indistinguishable from those of a human.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

AI  plays an important role by analyzing network traffic and learning to recognize patterns that suggest nefarious intentions; smart algorithms are increasingly playing a role in keeping us safe from 21st-century crime.

Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse

AI will help to create online environments where humans will feel at home. Thus ,we will most likely become used to sharing our metaverse environments with AI beings. Moreover, AI will be our partner for a game of tennis when we want to relax.

Low-code and no-code AI

Technologies such as natural language processing&modeling mean that it may be possible to just use our voice or written instructions. All of this will play a key role in the ongoing “democratization” of AI and data technology.

Autonomous vehicles

Artificial Intelligence is the “brains” that will guide the autonomous vehicles set to revolutionize travel and society over the coming decade.

Creative AI

 for example,in 2022, we can expect more “natural” creative output from our imaginative electronic friends, such as writing headlines for articles and designing infographics.

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