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Robot Waiters: Dutch Restaurants to Reduce Human-to-Human Contact

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Robot Waiters

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As a way to reduce human-to-human contact in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. A restaurant in the Netherlands has introduced new robot waiters .

The robot waiter will greet customers, serve food and pick up used dishes from diners’ tables the , according to the Associated Press.

smile or frown

The Report said that, Amy, Acker and James robots move in the Asian restaurant bar, serving drinks.

Each of these robots takes the form of a human being, including two arms, to hold the serving trays.

Some times they faces a smile or a frown,the report said

“Hi … here is the request. Take it from the tray. I’ll be back automatically after 20 seconds,” robot Amy told two women sitting in front of him as she presented two cups of iced tea according the report.

rules are respected

The robots will certainly do is see that social distancing rules are respected, it mentioned

“We are not disappearing. We are still here. They will always need people in this industry,” Restaurant official said.

He said, They help us with the work we do,” . “We are often busy and cleaning tables and the robots give us an extra hand.” It also frees up the human staff for some more personal contact.

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