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AIJRF launches the Media of Metaverse International Research Group (MMRG)

About MMRG

Media of Metaverse International Research Group (MMRG) is an international research group dedicated to searching and publishing applied and theoretical studies on Meta- Content (Media of Metaverse) in News, marketing, and educational content.

The MMRG consists of researchers from more than 10 universities worldwide.

Main MMRG Objectives

The Media of Metaverse International Research Group (MMRG) aims to:

1-    Conduct applied and theoretical aspects research of the production of media, promotional, and educational content on Metaverse “Media of Metaverse“, for publication in international scientific journals, Scopus-indexed journals.

2-     Study the global and local experiences in the uses of Metaverse by Arab and international media organizations in the content creation.
3-     Highlight government experiences in providing intelligent services on Metaverse, and the target audience.
4-    Highlight the experiences of universities and educational institutions in providing their services on Metaverse.
5-    Identify new skills for communicators, marketers and content makers on Metaverse, through experimental and applied research on a number of global and local platforms.
6-    Publish the general results of studies and research in white papers, reports and scientific literature for members of MMRG
research team.
7-    Participate in international scientific conferences.
8-    Conduct applied and academic workshops on creating scientific or media content on Metaverse.
9-    Manage an annual scientific webinar in which research results and white papers will be published, and invite participants from institutions and universities specialized in creating content on Metaverse.

How to Join MMRG group?

To join the MMRG group, you can visit our Metaverse space at (Spatial)

Or email us:

MMRG Members

1- Dr. Abdullatif Alshamsi, Former President and CEO of the HCT, UAE
2- Dr. Ahmed Farouk Radwan, College of Communication, University of Sharjah, UAE
3- Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, Artificial Intelligence Journalism Research and Forecasting (AIJRF), UAE
4-Dr.Ibrahim Aljarah, University of Jordan, Jordan
5- Dr. Abbas Al Zanjne, Virginia Tech University, U.S
6- Dr. Radwa Abdullatif, Artificial Intelligence Journalism Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) , Egypt
7- Dr. Sheren Mousa, Khawarizmi International College, UAE
8- Dr. Ali El Samra, Brunel University, London, UK
9- Dr. Vasja Roblek, University of Primorska, Slovenia
10- Dr. Ahmed El Mansoori, United Arab Emirates University, UAE
11- Dr. Rasha Hegazy, International Higher Institute of Media El Shorouk City, Egypt

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