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International Federation of Artificial Intelligence Journalists


The vision and thought of a group of researchers and academics specialized in the media and the Fourth Industrial Revolution and artificial intelligence techniques””A global platform, made up of world’s leading researchers and academics at the intersection of media and Fourth Industrial Revolution, who are both asking the tough questions and searching for the unknown answers on Artificial Intelligence Journalism.

What's the AI Journalism World Forum goal?

Explore and forecast the global changes in the media industry in light of the spread of the fourth industrial revolution techniques, for example “3D Printing, Big Data, Augmented reality technology, cloud computing” and other technologies that are transforming the media industry.

Monitoring the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Artificial Intelligence techniques on the media industry, and how they can create new tools and techniques that contribute to significant changes in media content transfer, media development, human role enhancement as a communicator, Integrated in “search, transport and broadcast” for media content.

To be the center of all the international platforms and research centers interested in the development of the media compatible with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
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