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AIJWF: Academic and media experts: The UAE is making rapid strides on the Metaverse

by Nashwa
AIJWF: Academic and media experts: The UAE is making rapid strides on the Metaverse

Employing intelligence in education will contribute to reviving the labor market and opening more opportunities

  • Announcing the results of the Global Index of Artificial Intelligence Journalism
  • Graduating about 20 students within the first batch of the Postgraduate Journalism Diploma


 The first day of the Artificial Intelligence Journalism World Forum “AIJWF”, has witnessed honoring the Partners, Speakers, Winners of the Communication and Arabic Content on Metaverse Award (CACM), announcing the Global Artificial Intelligence Journalism Index (GAIJI), and a graduation ceremony for the first patch of AI Journalism and Metaverse Diploma.

The Artificial Intelligence Journalism Research and Foresight (AIJRF) organizes the forum in its third edition, in cooperation with UAE Journalists Association (UAEJA), the “Emirates Vision Foundation” and the UAE Social Media Pioneers Association.

CACM Winners

The winners of Communication and Arabic Content on Metaverse Award (CACM) Award included: Ajman Police for the category of smartest government services, and it was received by: Lieutenant Rashid bin Hamdan Al Nuaimi and First Lieutenant Ali Musabah Al Ghafli, the earthquake project by the student Roaa Mahmoud, from the College of Communication, University of Sharjah, for the category of students’ projects. In addition to “Sultan of Goodness project” by the two students, Nora Al-Hammadi and Moza Hameed.

As the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) metaverse space won at the media content category, while the team of AIJRF won in the category of pioneering Arabic content in training, production and scientific research in managing 8 different spaces in Arabic in Metaverse.

The first day of the forum has included six main topics, including Media Creative Cities and The Digital Economy Industry, International Media and Educational Experiences on the Metaverse, UAE Steps Up For Metaverse 2030, Media Experiments in Using AI “Saudi Arabia”, Higher Education and The Metaverse Solutions, and The Future of the Arab Labor Market in Light of AI & Metaverse.

Pannel sessions

The 1st panel entitled “Media Creative Cities and The Digital Economy Industry”, was moderated by Lobna Elkholy, TV News Presenter, has included the following speakers: Dr. Abbas Alzanjne, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and Relationships Advisor at AIJRF, USA, Philippe Riachy, Station Head & Program Director of Radio Al Rabia, UAE, Cristian Voaides, Founder and CEO at Welthee Swizerland, and Prof. Ibrahim Aljarah, Head of AI department at the University of Jordan Innovative AI Expert, HC Researcher, Big Data Scientist.

Charbel Bechara Al Najjar, The First Arab Trainer for Robotics, UAE, Prof. Amany Fahmy, Professor, Faculty of Communication – Cairo University, Dean of Mass Communication – MAS University, Eng. Fadi Radi, Chief Creative Officer – Blinx.com, and Hatem Al Shouly, Digital Nes Chief-Editor Asharq Bloomberg, UAE, were speaking in the 2nd panel that entitled “International Media and Educational Experiences on the Metaverse” and moderated by the News Presenter of Al Arabiya Channel Haneen Shouly.

UAE Steps Up For Metaverse 2030

Mohammed Osman Baloola, BME selected among the World’s Most Influential Arabs – Scientist & Inventor- Ambassador of Talent, Dr. Rasha Hegazy, Head of Public Relations and Advertisement Department at Al-Shurouk Academy, Director of Academic Programs at AIJRF, Egypt, Dr. Ahmed Almansouri, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Department of Media and Creative Industries, UAE, and Dr. Radwa Abdullatif, Manager of Academic Relations in Egypt and Gulf at AIJRF, Digital media and AI Journalism expert and lecturer in Egyptian universities, were speaking at the 3rd panel entitled “UAE Steps Up For Metaverse 2030” and moderated by the Senior TV Presenter at Abu Dhabi Media Mirna Mounzer.

Saudi AI Experiments

Whereas, Saudi academics and media advisors has shared “Media Experiments in Using AI “Saudi Arabia” in the 4th panel, which was moderated by Fahed El-Samhan, Social Media Influencer KSA, and participation of Dr. Fatmah Baothman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Artificial Intelligence Association, KSA, Prof. Mohammad Alheezan, Former Shura Council Member, Media Professor, KSA, Mubarak AlDujain, Media Advisor for AIJWF, KSA, Abdullah Asisri, Founder & CEO of Lucidya, KSA, Shahad Harmush, Researcher is Media  & AI, KSA.

The 5th panel, which was moderated by Dr. Shereen Mosa, Assistant Professor Digital Media Department KIC Al Khawarizmi International College Abu Dhabi, UAE, discussed “Higher Education and Metaverse Solutions”, by Prof. Dina Farouk Abou Zeid, Head of Mass Communication Department, Faculty of Mass Media, Ain Shams University, Egypt, Prof. Soheir Saleh, Dean of The Higher International Institute of Mass Communication El Shorouk Academy, Egypt, and Dr. Narimane Hadji Hamou, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Center for Learning Innovations & Customized Knowledge Solutions.

The 6th panel, which was moderated by Asma Hassouni, Deputy Director of Sajaya Young Ladies of Sharjah – News Anchor at Sharjah Broadcasting Authority, discussed “The Future of the Arab Labor Market in Light of AI & Metaverse”, by number of student from different universitites, including: Roa Mahmoud Budairi, University of Sharjah, Nada Al Mazmi, Emirates University, Naema Obaid Alali, Zayed University student, Taleb Mohamed Dia Eddine, University Student, Russia, Majed Al Marzooqi, American University in the Emirates, and 

NAYRA Nabil, Higher International Institute of Mass Communication El Shorouk Academy, Egypt.


AIJWF is the first global platform and an annual event, which brings together academics, media professionals, AI development companies, educational institutions, and government entities to forecast the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions technologies and its impact on the future of human, the media industry and future cities.

The first edition of (AIJWF) was kicked off in March 2021, and chaired by Professor Farouk El-Baz, an Egyptian American space scientist and geologist, Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, U.S.A, with the participation of more than 50 universities and research centers and more than 200 researchers and journalists from 20 different countries.


Artificial Intelligence Journalism for Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) is a Think Tank established in the United Arab Emirates in 2018, founded by  Dr. Mohamed Abdulzaher, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Journalism and Media of Metaverse and  a group of professors and researchers specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of Humans 2050, and the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions.

AIJRF Works on Three Main Pillars:

1- AIJRF provides Academic and scientific research, reports and educational curricula in Artificial Intelligence Journalism, Media of Metaverse, 7G Journalism, Robotization of Marketing and AI & Media.

2- AIJRF works to develop new tools, technologies, Apps and solutions in the content industry through artificial intelligence and Metaverse in the fields of: media, education, healthcare, and the Intelligence Government Services.

3- AIJRF Develops and upgrades the Dynamic Human Skills (DHS) of individuals, institutions, universities and governments in line with the requirements of the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions and the skills of the future and Media of Metaverse.

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