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Advantages and Disadvantages of Automated Journalism

by AIJ Varit
Dubai| Artificial Intelligence Journalism

Computers can now automatically generate stories, reports, and articles thanks to artificial intelligence technologies. Automated journalism, often known as robot journalism, uses computer systems to create news stories.

These programs analyze, organize, and present data in a form that is understandable to humans. Typically, an algorithm often evaluates large data, selects from a variety of pre-programmed article styles, organizes key points, and inserts information such as names, places, amounts, ranks, statistics, and other numbers. The output is for a specific voice, tone, or style. When structured data is available and the issue is repeated, robot journalism is the ideal fit. Collection of data, identification of noteworthy occurrences, prioritization of insights, production of the narrative, and ultimately publication of the news are the five steps of automated journalism.

Advantages of Automated journalism 

Automated journalism is frequently considered as a means of freeing journalists from routine reporting and allowing them to focus on more difficult topics. Also, It allows for more efficiency and cost-cutting. Alleviating some of the financial strains that many news organizations are experiencing. On the other side, it is a danger to news quality.


News ar published quickly thanks to automation. They can generate massive amounts of data at a faster rate. Using automated insights software and data from other firms, robots can generate 150-to-300-word pieces. In the time it takes journalists to analyze figures and compile content.


Automated journalism is less expensive. It also saves news companies money on labor. Reduced human input implies lower wages, salaries, paid time off, vacations, and employment insurance costs.

Free of errors

 Automated journalism systems are less prone to faults since they do not commit blunders like misspellings or math errors.

 Disadvantages of Robot Journalism


There is sometimes misunderstanding over who should be attributed as the author in an automated article. According to research on algorithmic authorship, some participants gave credit to the programmer. While others saw the news organization as the author, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the work.


One of the main concerns about robot journalism is the loss of jobs for journalists when publications use artificial intelligence.

At least in sectors that rely significantly on data, such as sports and finance, robot journalism is becoming the standard.

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